Lets Live a Good Life

Lets Live a Good Life

Every man dream to live… greatly, Smugly, Reserved, Glory and exemplar. That’s not the wrong thing to do.

But what if he wants to break the other?
To make a great deal of money?
If he is a lunatic,

We do not live in this fashion at all. There are many men around us who have fulfilled their dreams in life without having to do any of these wrong things. Let us move in the footsteps of the Mahayana. Let our life be for the good of the world, not for us. We born with empty hands, but before die, we will try to go with good deeds. let’s go to this trend.

Justice, Integrity, godliness, sinfulness, compassion, kindness, hard work, perseverance, etc… for the many ways of life, let’s go on living.
But Violence, revenge, vengeance, loot, fraud, jealousy, hatred, pride, treachery, let us be careful and vigilant without touching with our shadow.

No matter how much the man has accumulated, and how much money they can bring in the piles of theirs, they won’t come with us in the end.

So.. let’s live as good and Let’s look great. No matter how many hopes, dreams are gone, do not let go of misunderstandings.

Meditate on the Lord.. Let us believe in the fact that man is right .. Let us make our life in human service. Let’s spend our money, time, knowledge and laughter!

What do you say !? :)