The Greatness of Kalki Avatar

The Greatness of Kalki Avatar

The great incarnation of such a great bliss is “Krishna Avartar” .. After such incarnation, Lord Vishnu’s final Incarnation is “Kalki”! the final avatar of 10 avatars. The great saint “Vyasa” told that he’s coming. When is…

There is no place for merit and greetings anywhere. That means there is no Yajna and Yagam. That word will never be heard. The killing of the cows and killing them causes the world to stray. The time comes when there is no cows. The wedding system will not stand. Thus, there will be no relation between people. everybody will addicted to lust. There are no children who see parents. A wife does not get a good husband to protect her and no husband does not get a respectable wife. The life expectancy of the male in the world is completed in eighteen (18) years.

As the life expectancy in the world began to decline for eighteen years,
In the village of “Shambala”, Lord “kalki” will born to a couple called Vishnuyeshu and Sumathi who’s a brahmin family. His father dies shortly before his birth and after his birth, mother dies. Then Parasurama took the “Kalki” into a cave where all the Vedas were educated
He teaches and then shoves to Shambala. After learning the skills of war from “Ashwadhama”, Kalki will become the 25th King of Shambala.

The HINT of his incarnation is.. Sinners will get a disease called “bhangadara” near Anus. So, Blood will flush out and die with very severe pain. Diseases spread everywhere. Only those who are with kindness will live.

Lord “Kalki” climbs the white horse presented by Lord Shiva and holds the saffron flag … Kill the rulers who remaining stronger, the invaders of the kingdoms, and the lack of qualification for power.
After that the Kaliyuga is completed and the water from ocean begin to flood and cover all the earth.